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NET is a robust framework for developing numerous applications for Windows Desktop, Windows Store apps, Windows Server, Windows Azure (cloud), Bot frameworks, cognitive services, Web applications, Windows Phone apps, etc. .NET has been very effective in expanding the job market, increasing the hiring of qualified individuals who are capable of productively developing applications. This article contains a comprehensive collection of .net interview questions and answers that can assist you in landing a dot net job and avoid the hassle of looking out for product information as you prepare for a job.

What do you know about the .Net framework?

This is one of the most asked .net interview questions.NET is a Microsoft platform for developing, hosting, deploying, maintaining, and executing applications. In other words, it takes care of the application’s complete development life cycle, enabling developers to live easier. The.NET framework enables a user to create various applications in an object-oriented pattern.

Do you know about CLR?

The word CLR stands for Common Language Run-time. It is an important part of the.NET framework and may be used to create a wide range of applications. CLR guarantees a secure execution environment for applications, which is an important aspect.

Define code access security (CAS).

Code access security (CAS) is an important feature of the.NET framework that not only provides security architecture to prevent unauthorized access to resources and activities but also limits the coding to certain functions. It can be considered one of the most common .net interview questions.

What do you mean by CLS?

Common Language Specification (CLS) is abbreviated for Common Language Specification. CLS and CTS are both supported by the.Net language. A component of the Common Type System is included in the CLS (CTS). CLS determines how the runtime situation, uses, and manages types. When both languages follow the CLS rules, a component of a.NET application built in one language can be utilized in another.

Define Managed Code.

Assemblies are defined as collections of managed code that are to be executed by the CLR. Whereas managed code is created by VB.NET and C# compilers and the.NET framework provides Language Interoperability. A single application can be built using programming. CLR-managed code is code that is handled by the CLR. The.NET framework is needed to start the managed code. Garbage collection is used by CLR to manage storage.

What is known as a garbage collector?

 CLR comes with a garbage collector. This does a clean-up operation on underutilized managed objects regularly to see if there are any unused or unreferenced objects whose memory can be reclaimed. The clean-up process is not performed on unmanaged items. This prevents memory leaking and optimizes functionalities.

State the difference between a hash table and the Array list?

To answer this .net interview questions try to stick to the facts. The information in a hash table is stored as a value pair and a name, whereas the data in an array list is solely stored as values.

To get a value from a Hash table, you must provide a name, but to retrieve a value from an Array, you must provide an index number. One can only retain comparable sorts of data in an Array, however, you can save diverse types of data in a Hash table, such as int, text, and so on.

Define JIT

Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT) is an acronym for Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT). The JIT compiler inspects the MSIL code and in turn, generates efficient machine code. Per approach, a small module is injected that contains data on whether the procedure has already been compiled. This data is used by the JIT compiler, which compiles just the code that has not yet been translated to native code. As the.NET programs run, the already-compiled code is reused, the apps become faster and more efficient.

What is an Assembly?

The.NET application’s assembly is a logical unit for installation and configuration management. Assemblies are made up of various resources that are created to function together. The.NET Assemblies can even take the structure of an executable (EXE). The assembly execution area is described by CLR.

What do you know about MSIL code?

It is a set of instructions that are CPU-independent and can be effectively transformed into native code. CLR’s JIT compiler does the job of translating the code to CPU-specific native code before starting it. The compiler creates information for MSIL when it is created. When MSIL is combined with metadata and CTS, true cross-language compatibility is achieved.

Define Array.

An array can be defined as a group of related components stored in a contiguous memory area. In the.NET framework, it is a reference type. The starting point will always be zero. In contrast to the C language, the size of the array is not part of its type. It enables you to declare an array and then assign an array of int objects to it, independent of its size.

What is an object?

An object is a physical thing. A well-defined entity with a well-defined structure and function. You can also answer these net interview questions by stating that an object is a reference type, which indicates that it is nothing more than a class instance. This is used to retrieve a class’s fields and methods.

What do you know about object-oriented programming?

Object-Oriented Programming is made up of discrete objects that connect to provide the overall behavior of the system. During the system operations, they must interact with one another. Consider a C# training module in which students, professors, the training course, the classroom, the whiteboard, the pc, and the final tests are all distinct objects with their own attributes. These objects must communicate with one another for the module to be completed successfully. Remember that while answering .net interview questions you need to come straight to the point and not overdo things.


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