The Many Types of Schools you Can Find in Bangkok

There are many different types of schools in Bangkok if you are searching for multiple types. There are Thai government schools, Thai private schools, or an international school. Let’s take a look at the differences and the similarities between these three types of schools so that you are able to make a more informed decision about where to send your child.

International Schools

International schools mean they are international in their ethos. Many international schools strictly follow a curriculum from their home country. The main curriculums they follow are usually American, Australian, British, or Singaporean. An international school in Bangkok will take children from any country, not just Thailand, so there tend to be more options. International schools are usually expensive due to the higher wages paid to attract fully qualified and highly experienced teachers from around the world. Subjects are usually taught entirely in English, except subjects in a foreign language.

International schools are usually very well equipped with the latest educational resources and equipment. Many international schools contain additional recreational spaces such as basketball courts, swimming pools, gyms, theatres, and rehearsal or recording studios.

Thai Private Schools

Thai private schools are also only for Thai nationals so this would only apply to select parents. However, these private institutions have access to considerably more money so there are more resources and more qualified staff. Some of these schools have a religious affiliation so be sure to check. Tuition fees at Thai private schools can be as much as, if not more than, top international schools. Subjects are taught in English and Thai. Some schools offer an English immersion program where the students take every subject in English except for Thai and Chinese language.

Thai Government Schools

Thai government schools are funded by the Thai government and are typically only for Thai students, so these schools may work if one parent is Thai. The curriculum at these schools contains a majority of the lessons in Thai. Some schools will offer an English Program, where the students are introduced to more English, whereas others will only offer a few lessons of English a week. These schools pay foreign teachers considerably less than top international schools, so are less likely to attract fully qualified, experienced international teachers.

No matter what you choose, be sure to research carefully to ensure the best education for your child.

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