The Correct Age to Enrol your Child into Music Classes

Kids pay a lot of attention to the sounds around them. Many slowly transition from observers to participators, which is a good thing. Are you considering enrolling your kid in music lessons? Well, this is the best decision that you can make. Learning to play musical instruments is associated with numerous gains. But the most critical question lingers, when is the best age to enrol your kid?

Let’s find out:

There’s no specific age to enrol your kid for music lessons. Typically, the standard age ranges between 3-8 and varies depending on a child’s abilities and level of motivation. Nonetheless, early training comes with many perks.

What are the key questions to ask Yourself?

Tutors at the Music school in Abudhabi will tell you that you can enroll your child in music classes at any age. But, there are some questions to ask yourself. First of all, think of your goals and what you want the kid to get out of the lessons.

 How will early enrolment benefit the child? Consider your child’s physical development and any issues that may hinder proper practice. Also, think of the availability of age-appropriate tutors for your child.

What are the benefits of early enrolment?

Music helps your child express their emotions, feelings and boosts creativity. It also enhances a child’s communication skills building their ability to face and tackle problems in various ways.

What’s more? Early enrolment gives your child ample time to learn different techniques and gain control. That’s not all! Kids who start music lessons early and hear pitches easier.

What should I consider when enrolling my child in music lessons?

Think of the size of your child and that of the instrument. The child’s attention span and level of interest in music are also of the essence. Most musical instruments are bulky, and your child may not hold them appropriately.

 However, some are kid-friendly, like the piano. It’s ideal for kids thanks to its large amount of repertoire, which is adjustable. The duration of practice also matters. Kids’ muscles and brains haven’t developed fully, and shorter practice time works best.


Here’s a breakdown of music activities per a child’s age:

  • Below 3 years

During this stage, there’s no need for formal classes. However, you can help your child learn through simple movements like dancing, singing, or playing an instrument. Music games will also capture the child’s attention.

  • About 3 years

You can enrol the child for formal classes. But the goal should be to develop music skills and identify music beats. Playing musical instruments should come later on.

  • 5 years

At this age, most kids have a good foundation for music lessons. The goal here is to understand music and play using simple instruments. The commonly played instruments during this age are piano and violin.

  • Age 10

By the age of ten, the child will possess various skills inclined to their instrument of choice. They also have the physical strength to hold prominent instruments. During this stage, the focus should be on improving the child’s performance.

In summary

 To get the most out of the lessons, consider your child’s abilities and start with simple activities to spur the child’s interest. Also, seek advice from leading music schools, and choose professional tutors.

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