Preparation Strategy for BITSAT in 2022

The preparation strategy of BITSAT Exam will help students pursue engineering from one of the BITS Campuses – BITS Pilani, BITS Hyderabad, and BITS Goa. BITSAT is one of the most competitive exams conducted annually by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in computer based mode (online test). Candidates who wish to take the exam must know the preparation tips of the BITSAT Exam Strategy in order to conduct a better preparation plan. Candidates are advised to start solving the BITSAT Mock Test in order to understand the exam pattern in a much better way. BITSAT Aspirants must also plan a BITSAT Preparation Strategy for the exam in order to ace the BITS Admission Test.

Considering the competitive nature of the exam, BITSAT Aspirants might wonder how they should start preparing for the exam and how long will it take before the examination is conducted. In order to qualify the exam with a better score, candidates must start preparing at least 6-8 months prior to the BITSAT Exam Date. Candidates must also possess knowledge of BITSAT Syllabus, BITSAT Important Topics, etc in order to clear the exam with a good score for admission.

How to Start Preparing for the BITSAT Exam?

We have created a BITSAT short term preparation strategy to assist BITSAT 2023 aspirants in preparing for the entrance exam in the duration left which will be leading up to the big day. With the official BITSAT 2023 announcements just around the corner, this quick preparation study is a must-do for students.

  • Examine the BITSAT 2022 Syllabus: BITSAT Aspirants with fewer days until the entrance exam must scan the BITSAT Syllabus from cover to cover unless they are well-versed in the BITSAT syllabus. Except for the Logical Reasoning and English sections, the BITSAT Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics syllabuses are nearly identical.
  • Clarify Concepts with NCERT: Nothing beats NCERT textbooks for concept clarification, especially in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students can occasionally use additional reference books to strengthen their grasp on concepts, but otherwise, east or west NCERT is the best.
  • Read Newspaper: In order to succeed in BITSAT Sections such as English and Logical reasoning, students must devote at least 2 hours per day to reading newspaper/s, as these two sections cannot be cracked using traditional techniques used for the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics sections.
  • Solving Previous Year BITSAT Question Papers, Sample Test Papers, and BITSAT Online Test Papers: Everyone knows how important it is to solve previous year BITSAT question papers, sample test papers, and BITSAT online mock test papers to gauge the level of preparation for the BITSAT entrance examination. With days left until the BITSAT entrance exam, the more students who practise BITSAT test papers, the more confident they will be on the examination day.

How to Prepare for the BITSAT Exam in Six Months?

The BITSAT 2023 long-term preparation strategy is provided below for those who want to begin preparing for the BITSAT 2023 entrance exam right away. The long-term preparation strategy for BITSAT is further divided into two parts, one for those who have dropped a year for the BITSAT 2023 entrance exam and the other for class XIIth students who want to appear in the BITSAT Exam after completing their respective Board examinations:

Class XIIth pass-outs are those who have already taken and passed their respective class XIIth Board Exams but want to take the BITSAT entrance exam next year. The following is how such students should prepare for the BITSAT entrance exam:

Maintain Focus: As one of the top ten most difficult Engineering Entrance Exams in India, success will come only to those who are dedicated and tenacious. With almost 7 to 8 months until the BITSAT entrance exam, students will get tired of re-reading the same things, but they must remember that every time they go through a topic, it will improve their understanding of the topic.

Proper Planning: It is widely acknowledged that no one can achieve success without proper planning. Planning will include how the students divide their time so that they can focus equally on each subject. It will also include how they intend to work on their weak areas, which can be sorted out due to ample time in such a way that even after devoting extra hours to the weak areas, they do not lose their mojo over their strengths. Students must remember that changing their plans in the middle will jeopardise their chances of gaining admission to one of the BITS campuses.

Without practice, BITSAT aspirants will never be able to score the necessary marks to gain admission to one of the three BITS campuses to study engineering. Practice becomes an important component of the BITSAT strategy because only with consistent practice will students be able to attempt all of the questions correctly within the time limit. Previous year BITSAT toppers also suggest that in order to master the exam-taking technique, one must have two valuable qualities in them: accuracy and speed, which can only be obtained through rigorous practice.

Mock Tests: In order to pass the BITSAT Exam, students must complete a sufficient number of BITSAT mock test papers. By practising BITSAT mock test papers, students will gain an understanding of how to take the test as well as become acquainted with the BITSAT online entrance examination.

Finding the Right Study Materials: The type of study materials chosen by students determines the appropriate preparation tempo for any exam. The same theory holds true for BITSAT Preparation. According to experts and previous year BITSAT rank holders, the best study materials for the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics sections are the NCERT textbooks, and students should only look for other study materials after thoroughly going through the class XIth and XIIth NCERT textbooks. In the Best Books for BITSAT Section, students will find all of the best books for BITSAT recommended by previous year rank holders and experts alike.

Subject wise Preparation Tips for BITSAT Exam?

Subject How to Prepare?
Physics ●       Do not risk missing out on topics such as Magnetic Effect of Current and Heat and Thermodynamics.

●       Concentrate on topics such as gravity, current electricity, rotational motions, and fluids.

●       Allow enough time to read and comprehend the theory.

●       After going over each topic, make sure to practise a good number of numerical-based questions.


Chemistry ●       Spend extra time studying topics like atomic structure and chemical bonding.

●       Don’t forget about p-block elements, biomolecules, and electrochemistry.

●       Allow sufficient time to go over each chemical reaction and formula.


Mathematics ●       Practice Figure Matrices, Figure Formation, and Figure Analysis questions.

●       Pay close attention to Analogy Tests.

●       Regularly practise at least 15 to 20 questions.

●       Practice Figure Matrices, Figure Formation, and Figure Analysis questions.

Logical Reasoning ●       Pay close attention to Analogy Tests.

●       Regularly practise at least 15 to 20 questions.

These are some of the most important preparation tips for the BITSAT Exam for students willing to take the exam. This preparation strategy has been designed based on the structure of the paper. To know more about the exam related information, you can visit CollegeSearch. It is one of the largest educational platforms that helps students, colleges, and alumni connect.

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