How to Prepare for MHT CET 2021

MHT CET is an entrance exam that provides admissions in the state engineering colleges and some private institutions. The exam is scheduled to be conducted in May and covers the state engineering colleges of Maharashtra. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the exam was postponed to Oct-Nov, and hence the classes started late. But for 2021, the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra has decided to stick with its usual exam dates. The registration would start in the 2nd week of February. Students can take undergraduate engineering courses like B. Tech, B.S., B. Arch after passing this entrance exam.

A popular state-level engineering entrance exam MHT CET 2021 will cause a stir among the students. The competition is very high due to the vast number of applications and limited seats. Any student harbouring a dream of getting admission in a good engineering college in Maharashtra should focus well on the MHT CET preparation and delve deep into the syllabus and exam pattern. The next section provides general MHT CET preparation tips for the students.

MHT CET Preparation Tips

Here are some general tips and tricks to successfully conquer the MHT CET examination.

  • Make a good time-table: Unorganised preparation leaves you in a mess and brings no profitable results. A good time-table should consist of fixed time management strategies revolving around the main subjects of the exam. The main subjects that form the part of question papers are physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. Try to allot equal time to each of the subjects. But if you are weak in any of the subjects, then give more attention and time to it. Your time-table should also include some fun activities, play, and a proper sleep time of 6-8 hours.
  • Start with the basics: This is a simple rule that most don’t follow. We don’t build concrete buildings on sand but on a strong foundation. Basics are similar, and they need to be extensively studied and understood. In physics, you can start with the laws governing nature; for example, Newton’s law, Archimedes principles, and more. Maths begins with basic algebra and real mathematical topics like functions, calculus principles, geometry, and more. Entrance exams like MHT CET 2021 test your conceptual skills through basic level questions to advanced level questions. To score well, you need to have a command on each difficulty level of questions.
  • Start early: It’s no secret that starting early gives you an edge over your competitor as you get more time to sharpen your skills and practise all the topics well. As soon as you complete the class 12th boards, get into the strict examination mode for the MHT CET preparation. Make a study schedule focusing on the MHT CET syllabus and start preparing by solving the previous years’ questions and mock test papers.
  • Revision is the key: Learning new concepts is not enough, you have to retain them as well. Revision enables you to easily use the new learning and apply it to the given problems. Devote ample time for revisions as it allows you to keep the newly learned information in ready-to-use mode. You can also do revisions by practising previous years’ question papers and solving mock test guides. If you are taking private coaching, practise through the coaching’s regular tests and assignments.


MHT CET 2021 will be held in May. Clearing this exam with a good score can help getting admissions in the state-level engineering branches and other private institutions. The exam is a revered entrance exam among high school students and requires serious efforts to pass it. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to crack the MHT CET 2021 exam successfully.

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