A Guide to Sourcing a Good Nursery for your Child

If your child is soon to reach the age when he or she can attend a nursery, there is much to consider. When looking for a nursery, you want a lot more than just a safe place to leave your child for a few hours per day, and with that in mind, here are some tips to help you source the ideal early learning program.

  • Check out The Nursery’s Mission Statement – If you search online for a preschool in Lincoln, take a good look through their website and read their vision and mission statement, which will tell you how they think learning best occurs with young children.

  • Developing Essential Social Skills – One of the main objectives of any early learning program is to develop the child’s social skills, so look for a nursery that recognises the need for social skill development.

  • Creativity & Imagination – Both of these aspects should be encouraged at an early age, with story-telling and making good use of art in various forms. Finger painting and making things with clay are both great activities that allow young minds to express themselves, and the nursery should incorporate art activities on a daily basis.

Once you think you have found the ideal program, pay them a visit and talk to the principal, who would be able to explain how they do things. If all looks good and you can see that the kids enjoy engaging in various fun-based activities, you have found the ideal nursery for your child.













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